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The web is evolving at a fast rate of knots. Every time search and social media begin to walk down a new path, brands, agencies and the general public have to follow. We know more people are online, using more devices, at multiple times throughout the day. Connecting and engaging with those people at the right time, on the right device, with the right message is now the digital marketers holy grail. In today’s fast

In a recent RFP, we were asked to describe our approach to mobile SEO. Optimising for all devices is something the 8MS team have been promoting for many years. But is there one best way to go about optimising for mobiles? We work with many retail and travel brands. Day by day we swim through their analytics data, watching intently as the traffic from mobile and tablet devices slowly increases. 6%….8%…9%, and now many brands

After months of speculation Google finally announced a new search result segment: In depth articles. Right now this segment is only live on Google.com for English results. However, if Google sees a positive engagement from users expect to see these in the UK and other English versions of Google (such as Google.com.au and Google.ca) very quickly. This is a significant development for online content providers to gain greater search exposure; it means publisher content can now

I confess I missed the first half of the Dispatches programme on Channel 4 last night, but when I tuned in to see the producers setting up a fake brand called ‘Puttana Aziendale’ (which means corporate whore in Italian), I had to watch the second half. The episode should be available on 4oD soon, and it’s worth a watch if you get chance. Dispatches lifted the lid on the ‘black hat’, unregulated scamming that goes

How well do you know your social networks? It’s great pub quiz question – ‘Name the ten biggest social media networks in the world‘. I doubt many would get the answer correct. We’ve scrambled together some stats and data from all over the internet to bring you the answer, and as a special treat we’ve visualised all the information in a lovely infographic. The results are based on active users. For an interactive version, please

With only a few days to go before the 22nd July deadline, advertisers must upgrade any legacy Google Adwords PPC campaigns to ‘enhanced’ status, or face Google automatically changing them without your input. To help during this key transition period, 8 Million Stories have compiled a quick five step guide, outlining all the key steps you need to take in order to upgrade in time. 1. Run benchmarking reports – before you upgrade, run reports to

When we talk about data wearing our digital marketing hats, we think about Google Analytics. We think about Google Trends. We think about data from our PPC bid management software. We think about all those likes, tweets, conversions and sales. Big data is much more than that, but at the same time big data has a big impact on digital marketing. I read a statistic last week which prompted this blog post. That stat was