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I have a feeling 2017 will be a revolutionary year for influencers and brands. Through trial and error, an increasing number of brands have learned about the importance of influencer marketing, and the type of influencer and costs that make outreach campaigns work for them and their products and services. Although influencer marketing is still in it’s infancy, the return on advertising spend from influencer collaborations is beginning to make an impact on marketing and

Last year, Google introduced a nice little feature called ‘popular times’ that indicated when a business was expected to be at its busiest. Appearing alongside the opening hours within Knowledge Graph, it allows people to plan their visit to avoid peak times and shows them how long people tend to stay. The available data on any given hour within the ‘popular times’ graph is based on the typical peak popularity for the business week on

The history of the hashtag Originating in the late 1990s on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), the hashtag was commonly referred to as the pound sign and was originally used to categorise items like images, video, messages and other content into groups. This helped users to search for related items with ease. In August 2007, the hashtag was first used on social media by designer Chris Messina to categorise content into groups on Twitter. He tweeted:

AMP pros and cons
11 Nov 2016
Pam Reichhartinger-Lawlor

According to Google, 40% of people click away if a page takes three seconds to load. As such, it comes as no surprise that an open-source coding standard is looking to speed up the web. The open source initiative is called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and many publishers as well as some e-commerce businesses have started to use this new framework in recent months. Before analysing the impact AMP have on your digital marketing efforts,

Guerrilla Marketing Banner
31 Oct 2016
Rachel Halliday

Recently there has been a terrifying spate of clown sightings sweeping America which have now made their way to the UK. With Halloween just around the corner, people are questioning whether it’s as sinister as it seems or if it’s just a creepy prank which has gotten out of hand. Recent articles suggest that it is just an elaborate guerrilla marketing hoax to promote the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s “It” and in fact, this

Working with review app legends Yelp has several benefits but perhaps the biggest has to be the exclusive Yelp Edinburgh blogger events we get to help organise! Last month, we got to explore the city with some top bloggers to discover all the secret cocktail bars hiding in Edinburgh that you’d never be able to find without the insider scoop. This month, in time for Halloween, we’ve been discovering the grim history of the capital

There are many campaigns that come around year after year to raise awareness of various causes; Stoptober, Movember, Sober for October, Decembeard, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dry January etc. But just how strong do these moments remain in terms of targeting and effectiveness for search each year? Many brands, try and tap into these moments if there is a suitable connection with the products or services they offer – but is the effort worth pursuing