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Recently Search Engine Land reported that Google now uses RankBrain for every search now carried out in the search engine, contrasting with a mere 15% last year. OK so it’s in use in the wild, great, so what?  Well the fact that it’s been suggested as the 3rd most useful search signal is very telling in that we shouldn’t ignore it from an SEO standpoint. We need to understand it, get into Google’s ‘Brain’ to

Have you ever thought how radically our lifestyles have changed – and continue to change – since the introduction of the Internet and various technology inventions? Every week some new technology comes out, becomes fashionable and nobody knows how long it is going to last. Today’s world can be defined as constantly changing. This blog post will focus on how these changes are affecting the way in which we cook in our everyday lives. Today,

At the recent annual Google Performance Summit, the main focus of the event was ads and analytics for a mobile first world. In addition to the announcements made regarding search, Google also announced additional changes and innovations to the Google Display Network.   Responsive Ads Just as text ads are being revamped for a mobile first world, ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) are also getting an upgrade in both appearance and ease of creation.

As a regular booker of flights I was pretty intrigued when KLM launched their Facebook Messenger Bot in March.  However, as it’s an airline I never really fly with it wasn’t until Skyscanner launched their cross airline version end of May that my interest really peaked. I’m a big fan of Facebook Messenger.  I get regularly told I have a poor phone manner, want to scream “it’s not 1998” when people leave me a voicemail

The world is up in arms over the death of gorilla Harambe, who was shot dead to save a toddler who had fallen into his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday 28th June. Is there such a thing as bad press? We investigate the search impact of the events following this event. In the days that followed the tragic incident, social media has exploded with people ranting, paying respect to Harambe, showing support for Cincinnati

There have been many changes over the last year to AdWords and yesterday at the Google Performance Summit, Google highlighted some of the plans for Adwords over the coming. The keynote was about all the moments that we go through in life and how Google will adapt their products accordingly. Changing ads with a focus on mobile first With ads already removed from the right hand side to align the desktop and mobile experience, we

Whatever your opinion of the often outrageous and always unpredictable 2016 United States presidential race, one thing is certain: political campaigning looks significantly different than it did since even the last election, just four years ago. And digital media is shaping that change. Traditionally, votes were won through television ads and newspaper coverage in homes across America. Now, with the reach of traditional media ever-diminishing, candidates have to look to newer, digital mediums to communicate