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On September 19th Google announced its latest foray into the world of travel with its new app, Google Trips. What Is It? Google Trips is a personal, dedicated trip planner and travel guide for the hedonistic traveller. You can organise plane tickets and hotel reservations before you leave, read up on destinations with its over 200 city guides and even receive personalised recommendations for your trip based on your Google history. As someone who is

2016 has been a fantastic year for 8 Million Stories in terms of working on some new and exciting client projects. One recent campaign has seen the team working with review app giants Yelp on a number of exciting projects to promote Edinburgh and all it has to offer. Working with Yelp we are aiming to provide a number of insider local tips on anything from the best pizza slice in Edinburgh to a guide

September 2016 will mark the one-year anniversary of Snapchat’s first forays into monetising their platform. When they sold their first sponsored lens to 20th Century Fox to promote the Peanuts movie, I for one watched with keen interest to see how fast their advertising options would grow as targeting younger millennials is a challenge shared by many of our clients. So almost one year on how have things developed? Well I guess slow and steady

Until July 2016, you had to be lucky enough to be one of the “highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas” to be hand-selected by Twitter to have your account verified, giving you a nice little blue tick next to your Twitter handle. As of this week, Twitter is opening the verification process for everyone. All you have to do is fill out

Love it or hate it, the Pokémon phenomenon from the late 90s is back and it’s a trend you need to get on board with if you’re a local business owner and want to cash in. Since launching just a week ago in the states, Pokémon Go, has quite literally taken over the US and now it’s conquering the UK. Don’t believe me? Well let’s take a look at US Google Trends over the past

Recently Search Engine Land reported that Google now uses RankBrain for every search now carried out in the search engine, contrasting with a mere 15% last year. OK so it’s in use in the wild, great, so what?  Well the fact that it’s been suggested as the 3rd most useful search signal is very telling in that we shouldn’t ignore it from an SEO standpoint. We need to understand it, get into Google’s ‘Brain’ to

Have you ever thought how radically our lifestyles have changed – and continue to change – since the introduction of the Internet and various technology inventions? Every week some new technology comes out, becomes fashionable and nobody knows how long it is going to last. Today’s world can be defined as constantly changing. This blog post will focus on how these changes are affecting the way in which we cook in our everyday lives. Today,