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Google are forever testing and releasing new features in their SERPs, with a view to keeping searchers on their property as long as possible. There are simple features such as their currency converter or you can do basic calculations straight in the results. The Google Knowledge Graph has historically been quite prominent in this area for travel queries for example, taking over more of the on-screen real estate which was traditionally dominated by sponsored ads

You often read articles that say ‘Millennials are lazy‘ and want stuff for nothing. Then you read another article saying Millennials understand the business world a lot more than we did when we were their age, and they are ready to graft and put a marker down for the efforts of their age group. Regardless of which notion you believe, one thing is for sure – brands are taking Millennial marketing very seriously indeed. To

In one of our previous posts, we mentioned that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. If that trend is true, Facebook is in the driving seat. Ever since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge flooded Facebook timelines around the world with short videos of people tipping ice and water over their heads last summer, Facebook video has boomed. In fact they revealed the amount of user-generated and

UK Christmas TV Adverts 2014
12 Jan 2015
Robin Richmond

For several years, the half time break at the NFL’s Superbowl has seen a substantial amount of public interest in terms of the commercials shown. Brands such as Audi, Pepsi and Universal Pictures have all battled it out for the public’s attention, spending huge sums on elaborate adverts. In the UK we don’t really have a directly comparable event, but the Christmas advertising campaigns of major retailers have sparked a huge amount of interest in

Looking back over the last 12 months, content marketing seems to have moved up a gear. More brands are using real-time content, integrated social campaigns and a mobile focus to generate incredible reach, buzz, brand awareness and revenue online. A key theme in 2014 has been digital storytelling. Brands are beginning to realise that social media is a human platform. Humans are emotive. They love stories. Based on our principles of storytelling post, the examples

Following our article on using organic search to drive app downloads you will hopefully by now have some traction within the market. However, with over 2.5 million mobile apps and the market growing at 150% every year (source: Google) you might need to give it an additional push through paid media to reach out to more customers. The first step in any paid media campaign is to determine a clear set of goals. Having a

We’ve all seen the ‘year of the mobile’ crop up in our news feeds for many years now. Thankfully these predictions are now in the past and mobile has been with us for some time. Responsive sites are becoming the norm and with Google labelling mobile friendly sites it suggests that aspects of mobile implementation are likely to influence the organic search algorithm in some way. But what about Apps? You very rarely hear the