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Award-winning SEO success. On a global scale.

Here at 8MS, we’re in the business of international search engine optimisation (SEO), and with over 12 years of award-winning experience we know the ingredients for success when it comes to multilingual SEO.

We were running international SEO campaigns for global brands back when DMOZ was in its prime and Google algorithm updates created minimal disturbance. As such, our approach to SEO harnesses a wealth of experience, agile thinking, and an understanding of what makes Google tick – not just in English, but in different markets and languages around the world.

Great rankings need great SEO, and we know success is more than the sum of its parts. A synergy of audience analysis, comprehensive technical implementation, unique content optimisation and creative content and outreach is the engine behind all great brand placement on the SERPs.

We know what turns a searcher into a finder, and a finder into a buyer, internationally.

Our understanding of the search landscape and our ethical, brand aware, collaborative approach to international SEO has brought success for many of our clients, including AMAN, Kingspan and BBC Global News.

Why Choose 8MS As The Agency For Your International SEO?

We know the global, multi-language SEO market. Every territory has its own search engine nuances and our account team make sure you are clued up on the key developments and local strategies in each country.

In our most complex international SEO project to date, our UK team and network of local SEO experts worked together to manage a complex SEO campaign for one client in a strategy that ran across 26 different languages.

Our Approach Is Implemented By Local Experts

There are over 200 different signals that Google uses in its algorithm to rank websites. Lots of these signals traverse country boundaries, but good local market SEO requires attention to detail and on the in-market knowledge, such as common slang. We have a network of search experts in most markets around the globe, and they work to a model that suits you – local to local implementation, or through our core client management team in the UK.

We once took over a travel SEO campaign where the translated sentence on one of the key pages of the site read ‘you can hang your monkeys on the hangers in the kitchen’. We won’t make those mistakes.

Which Markets / Languages Can You Handle?

Over the years we’ve conducted SEO in some of the world’s most niche languages, including Swahili and Mongolian. We know that some languages don’t make business sense to target, as the search volume, potential audience and ROI will be poor. As such, whilst there’s no language beyond our reach, our SEO strengths lie in European languages, as well as Latin American Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese.

International SEO Costs

Whilst there is a core strategy we implement, each SEO campaign is bespoke and costs depend on your target languages, situation, site technologies and marketplace. As a guide we can tell you that our organic search client campaigns generate an average ROI of 7:1. Großartig!

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Our results speak for themselves, and we’re more than happy to provide testimonials from our clients to back up our credibility when it comes to internationally successful SEO.

Feel free to contact us using the form below, or drop us a call to discuss your international SEO project, and hopefully the experienced team at 8MS will be able to help.

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