Welcome to the series “How to create valuable content for your audience”. The purpose of this series is to give you a foundation of how to create valuable content for your audience to host on your website or social channels. Part 1: Understand your audience and what they want The first step to creating better content for your audience is to understand what your audience wants from you and how they perceive you.  In this

22 Dec 2016
Sandy Halliday

It seems that every year for the past 3 years has been coined ‘the year of mobile’ for organic search. For 2017 this has become even more poignant with Google’s announcement that it will be creating a dedicated mobile index, to be rolled out over the first few months of 2017. More importantly, this index will become the primary index Google uses to rank sites in search. It appears that 2017 really is shaping up

On September 19th Google announced its latest foray into the world of travel with its new app, Google Trips. What Is It? Google Trips is a personal, dedicated trip planner and travel guide for the hedonistic traveller. You can organise plane tickets and hotel reservations before you leave, read up on destinations with its over 200 city guides and even receive personalised recommendations for your trip based on your Google history. As someone who is

Mobile has always been high on Google’s priority list. Ever since Eric Schmidt introduced a ‘mobile-first’ mantra back in 2010, Google have preached about the importance of mobile. Many companies sat up and listened. Others waved away chants of “this is the year of mobile!” and did nothing. Others began ensuring their mobile websites were future-proofed, and began rolling out responsive design in order to ensure their websites responded to iOS and Android browsers. Dubbed

Last week Google celebrated its 15th birthday the only way a business founded on a famous formula should, by announcing a revised version. The formula I’m referring to of course is Google’s famous algorithm, which has just had a major update named after one of the worlds smallest birds, the Hummingbird. Why name a significant business update after this little winged creature? Well, Google felt it summarised exactly what this update meant for the future