The ‘top of the funnel’ stuff. That’s what most sales and product team think of the B2B marketing manager’s efforts. It’s the ‘always-on’, ‘brand recognition’ type-stuff. However, as procurement processes and buying experiences increasingly start and progress online, it is remiss of B2B businesses to think of content marketing & digital advertising in these terms, however difficult it may be to allocate a direct data point back to the sale or lead. The people that

07 Apr 2019
Robin Richmond

Digital marketing within FMCG has its own unique challenges. While not as saturated as the hugely competitive travel or finance verticals, it can be challenging to find a digital strategy that works well for your brand in the FMCG space and to get a full understanding of what success looks like. Over the past five years 8 Million Stories have been fortunate to work with several excellent marketeers across a range of FMCG brands and

July of this year marks the 9th year anniversary since Google bought the software company ITA who had built the reservation systems for the likes of Orbitz and Hotwire. This acquisition was at the heart of their move into the flights market, and Google launched Google Flights in September 2011. At the time this was huge news in the travel industry with a large amount of speculation that they were going to shake-up the market

In a world of fulltime jobs and overtime, online shopping has become the main way to purchase products and let people spend their hard-earned money. Now it’s the merchants’ job to display their products on Google as lovingly as they would in their own shop windows. When customers look for products on Search or Google Images, they currently find rich snippets which include product description, ratings and price to help them choose a product that’s

You often read articles that say ‘Millennials are lazy‘ and want stuff for nothing. Then you read another article saying Millennials understand the business world a lot more than we did when we were their age, and they are ready to graft and put a marker down for the efforts of their age group. Regardless of which notion you believe, one thing is for sure – brands are taking Millennial marketing very seriously indeed. To

8MS was born out of the opportunity we saw in content monetisation. Coming from large network agencies, we saw a huge disconnect between content being created on behalf of brands, and the lack of integration and transparency of the performance of that content. We are firm believers that any content created – whether it is for social, a creative campaign, a blog post or a product launch – should be accountable, and provide a return

I’m a big fan of Casey Neistat. He’s one of the top YouTube vloggers out there, so if you want to see great video content, go give him a follow. When I found out he teamed up with Jerome Jarre, the new found king of Vine and Snapchat, I had to have a look at the video they created together, and after watching it, it seemed a perfect fit for the 8MS blog. It’s about