07 Apr 2019
Robin Richmond

Digital marketing within FMCG has its own unique challenges. While not as saturated as the hugely competitive travel or finance verticals, it can be challenging to find a digital strategy that works well for your brand in the FMCG space and to get a full understanding of what success looks like. Over the past five years 8 Million Stories have been fortunate to work with several excellent marketeers across a range of FMCG brands and

At first glance, that headline sounds pretty unrealistic, doesn’t it? How could Facebook ads sway the majority of Americans and Brits to do the unthinkable and vote for Trump and Brexit respectively? But it happened. And now the information that is unravelling makes for scary, but unsurprising reading. FACEBOOK USERS & REACH Let’s start at the very top. Facebook says that it has over 2 billion active users. In the middle of 2016, that figure

If you haven’t already thought about planning for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes, you need to act sooner rather than later. This post acts as a guide of what is covered in the GDPR changes, but for more information and guidance, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website, and the area on ‘Preparing for data protection reform’. WHAT IS THE GDPR? The EU GDPR is the most important change in data

Data should underpin your digital marketing strategy. But as the digital marketplace changes, and consumers begin using new technologies, it’s often difficult to make sense of the data at hand, especially when a consumer journey is made up of multiple sites, platforms and devices. For those who have been in the digital industry for ten years or more, you may remember Atlas as being the original PPC bid management tool of choice for many brands.

Batten down the hatches. It’s a little over one month until Christmas, and it’s time to make those final last touches to your digital marketing campaigns. Your online sales are probably picking up nicely, but how do you know you’re ready for the final four week push? We’ve put together a list of hints and tips to make sure your SEO, Paid Search and Social Media strategies are all set for the 2013 festive season. Many

Hi, my name is Simon, and I’m a Foursquare addict. I check in at most places. Airports, train stations, bars, shops, and never fail to get a raised eyebrow from friends and colleagues. Foursquare is a game. You get points for checking in, and you puff out your chest with pride when you acquire a new mayorship. But for me, I stopped viewing it as a game many years ago. For me, it was a