07 Feb 2019
Kirsty MacLauchlan

Open compositions & Asymmetrical Design At the moment, the most common and popularly used web design trend is open composition. For many years, designers have been using boxes and frames encasing elements in a strict order, being symmetric with text and having images all visible and accounted for. In 2019, designers are to embrace more open compositions, where the user will feel like there’s an entire world off the page. Gaining popularity is using open-styled,

Guerrilla Marketing Banner
31 Oct 2016
Rachel Halliday

Recently there has been a terrifying spate of clown sightings sweeping America which have now made their way to the UK. With Halloween just around the corner, people are questioning whether it’s as sinister as it seems or if it’s just a creepy prank which has gotten out of hand. Recent articles suggest that it is just an elaborate guerrilla marketing hoax to promote the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s “It” and in fact, this

The UK e-commerce industry has changed dramatically over the last six years. As well as traditional bricks and mortar stores overcoming the recession in 2008/2009, the same period saw an introduction of a swathe of pure online retailers, which sparked a rise in the volume of online purchases. Fast forward to 2015, and ecommerce in the UK is booming. Sales continue to increase for brands such as ASOS, Missguided and Farfetch, showing there is no

It’s that time of year again. When digital marketers get to ogle the creativity of the big ad agencies, taking ideas, tips and learnings from the Festival Of Creativity back to their office to try and weave the applicable ideas into client campaigns. Cannes Lions 2014 drew to a close last week, and as we look back through the mirage of creative content thrown at us, one themed seem to ring around the festival more

On so many occasions we’ve seen brands, digital agencies and creative agencies missing a trick by not connecting the content they create back to their core digital strategy. Brands usually have a roster of clients who work with an in-house team. So often, communication between those agencies and in-house teams is disconnected, which means the content doesn’t reach it’s maximum potential, and doesn’t provide an optimum ROI. We start many client projects with an asset

The 2013 full year Digital Ad Spend report was released by the IAB yesterday, showing impressive digital advertising spend growth. UK digital ad spend reached £6.3bn in 2013, up 15% year-on-year. The data shows another fantastic year for the digital sector. Even through the troubled recession years from 2008 to 2010, digital advertising bucked the UK trend, and was one of the few sectors that continued to grow. UK DIGITAL AD SPEND GROWTH: 2004 –

Twelve Digital Marketing Tips Of Christmas
26 Dec 2013
Simon Heyes

Merry Christmas everyone! With our Christmas Jumper Showcase now wrapped up, and all our presents unwrapped, we thought we’d help you prepare for 2014 with a few Digital Marketing tips. For each of the twelve days of Christmas we’ll be giving you a useful digital tip to improve your performance and productivity for the road ahead. Head back to this post everyday for a new tip, or keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and