25 Jun 2019
Donna Kean

The search engine results pages are constantly evolving. Gone are the days of simple paid and organic results; now there is a myriad of options awaiting us once we hit search. From featured snippets to knowledge graphs, related questions to local results, we’ve never had more information right at our fingertips. However, this means competition has never been fiercer to earn those coveted clicks. Google always wants to provide the best user experience possible, but

Welcome to the series “How to create valuable content for your audience”. The purpose of this series is to give you a foundation of how to create valuable content for your audience to host on your website or social channels. Part 1: Understand your audience and what they want The first step to creating better content for your audience is to understand what your audience wants from you and how they perceive you.  In this

07 Apr 2019
Robin Richmond

Digital marketing within FMCG has its own unique challenges. While not as saturated as the hugely competitive travel or finance verticals, it can be challenging to find a digital strategy that works well for your brand in the FMCG space and to get a full understanding of what success looks like. Over the past five years 8 Million Stories have been fortunate to work with several excellent marketeers across a range of FMCG brands and

11 Mar 2019
Diana Skof

As marketers, we have to ask ourselves: Is it worth investing all of a campaign’s budget into one hero piece of content that generates media attention? Or, using a sport analogy, is it worth investing in one player without thinking about the rest of the team? To create a good overall performance and keep the fans happy, Google suggests using the Hero, Hub, Help Model. Its goal is to strengthen a brand through storytelling that

You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s a new(ish) social media platform in town, and it’s carving open the ‘social media doesn’t drive revenue‘ conundrum. Polyvore – a new way to discover and shop for things you love – is starting to become the new darling of social media, especially for retailers. Unlike Pinterest, which is based on single images, Polyvore users can curate content to create fashion ‘sets’. bringing together makeup, clothes, shoes,

On so many occasions we’ve seen brands, digital agencies and creative agencies missing a trick by not connecting the content they create back to their core digital strategy. Brands usually have a roster of clients who work with an in-house team. So often, communication between those agencies and in-house teams is disconnected, which means the content doesn’t reach it’s maximum potential, and doesn’t provide an optimum ROI. We start many client projects with an asset