Linkedin Advertising
26 Apr 2018
Graeme Orr

With over 500 million users worldwide, many of whom help to drive important business decisions, it is no surprise that LinkedIn ads are an attractive proposition for businesses looking to promote their product or services. However, two main criticisms are often voiced when discussing the platform with fellow advertisers with many believing it is too expensive while others complain that it just doesn’t work. Normally, these criticisms come from those who don’t have the right

How well do you know your social networks? It’s great pub quiz question – ‘Name the ten biggest social media networks in the world‘. I doubt many would get the answer correct. We’ve scrambled together some stats and data from all over the internet to bring you the answer, and as a special treat we’ve visualised all the information in a lovely infographic. The results are based on active users. For an interactive version, please

Lawson Clarke - Personal Brand
29 May 2013
Simon Heyes

I’ve said for a long time that Twitter is an egotistical social platform. Facebook has turned into ‘success theatre’, with friends choreographing themselves, sharing their best ‘selfies’ to the screen. Or their worst. Depending on how they want to be portrayed. We’re all selling ourselves. Like it or not, Social Media is human, and behind every human is a brand. It’s all about me and myself. What you post online is a reflection of yourself,