The ‘top of the funnel’ stuff. That’s what most sales and product team think of the B2B marketing manager’s efforts. It’s the ‘always-on’, ‘brand recognition’ type-stuff. However, as procurement processes and buying experiences increasingly start and progress online, it is remiss of B2B businesses to think of content marketing & digital advertising in these terms, however difficult it may be to allocate a direct data point back to the sale or lead. The people that

07 Apr 2019
Robin Richmond

Digital marketing within FMCG has its own unique challenges. While not as saturated as the hugely competitive travel or finance verticals, it can be challenging to find a digital strategy that works well for your brand in the FMCG space and to get a full understanding of what success looks like. Over the past five years 8 Million Stories have been fortunate to work with several excellent marketeers across a range of FMCG brands and

Facebook Dynamic Ads Get a Makeover
27 Jan 2017
Rachel Halliday

The social media giant announced they would be expanding dynamic ads so advertisers can now target not only users who have already engaged with their website or app, but also target potential customers based on their interests and intent rather than just specific products they’ve browsed. Director of Product Marketing at Facebook, Maz Sharafi, said the new targeting option allows advertisers to retarget users who have been searching, for example, red dresses across multiple retailers’

There have been many changes over the last year to AdWords and yesterday at the Google Performance Summit, Google highlighted some of the plans for Adwords over the coming. The keynote was about all the moments that we go through in life and how Google will adapt their products accordingly. Changing ads with a focus on mobile first With ads already removed from the right hand side to align the desktop and mobile experience, we

Native Gmail Ads Arrive In AdWords For All Advertisers On the same day as unveiling their new logo, Google also announced that native Gmail ads are now available to all advertisers. Google have been testing these ads for a few years, with only a select number of advertisers having access. The ads comprises of two main parts; collapsed and expanded. The native ads are collapsed by default and expand to full-page ads when users click

Google announced yesterday a raft of new innovations, including new ad formats, new data driven solutions and automatic ad resizing. Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management, provided the update during the Adwords livestream of 2015. The video at the bottom of this post covers the update in full, but it is 44 minutes long, so as a summary, here’s what Google announced: Mobile Searches Google announced that mobile searches have now officially taken over desktop search queries

The Adwords interface has long been due an overhaul, particularly for it’s reporting and data capabilities. Last night, many agencies and PPC professionals got their wish, as during a live-stream event yesterday evening, Google announced three key AdWords updates that will be launched over the next few months – new app ads, multidimensional reporting, and a new draft mode. Google opened with their ‘mobile first’ mantra, with Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management for