11 Mar 2019
Diana Skof

As marketers, we have to ask ourselves: Is it worth investing all of a campaign’s budget into one hero piece of content that generates media attention? Or, using a sport analogy, is it worth investing in one player without thinking about the rest of the team? To create a good overall performance and keep the fans happy, Google suggests using the Hero, Hub, Help Model. Its goal is to strengthen a brand through storytelling that

Looking back over the last 12 months, content marketing seems to have moved up a gear. More brands are using real-time content, integrated social campaigns and a mobile focus to generate incredible reach, buzz, brand awareness and revenue online. A key theme in 2014 has been digital storytelling. Brands are beginning to realise that social media is a human platform. Humans are emotive. They love stories. Based on our principles of storytelling post, the examples

It’s that time of year again. When digital marketers get to ogle the creativity of the big ad agencies, taking ideas, tips and learnings from the Festival Of Creativity back to their office to try and weave the applicable ideas into client campaigns. Cannes Lions 2014 drew to a close last week, and as we look back through the mirage of creative content thrown at us, one themed seem to ring around the festival more

Over the weekend, my social feeds were flooded with the same post. ‘Look up’, the five minute, spoken word video that encourages you to put down your phone, and leave social media alone, has – ironically – gone viral. As of today, the video has received over 20 million views on YouTube since it was posted on 25th April 2014. ‘Look Up’ is a story for an online generation. In world where it is easier

My speaking slot on digital storytelling at DMX Dublin went very well indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting the topic, and hope the audience got a lot out of it. Storytelling, combined with digital marketing, is a great, fun, interesting topic to speak about. A few months before the DMX Dublin event, I discovered the Future Of Storytelling project, designed by Latitude Research. Aside from being a highly compelling read, the research findings focused attention on

Creative interaction has evolved. Again. And it’s time to embrace it. Again. At 8MS we’re big believers in creating digital marketing strategies that allow for transmedia storytelling. Producing authentic, interactive content that allows you to start your journey on one device, and finish on another at a later date. Until recently, most second screen experiences push content to the user but do very little by way of two-way interactivity. Now imagine interacting with that content