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International SEO Strategy

Aman Resorts - Background

Aman are one of the world’s most luxurious travel bands with ultra-exclusive properties across the world. 8 Million Stories have been working on the international SEO strategy since 2015. This work has been across 4 core countries UK, US, Japan, and China.

What we do for them?

  • Ensuring the  SEO strategy was focused around four key stages of our customers’ buying process: Dreaming, Planning, Booking & Experiencing
  • Technical search supporting on-going site development and platform changes
  • International SEO strategy supporting optimisation for key Asian markets
  • Support growth into niche areas such as Wellness to grow awareness and consideration of Aman in this growing market
  • New resort roll-out strategies incorporating SEO best practice

Developing content and SEO strategies that reflect the exclusivity of our brand is a challenge. 8 Million Stories have consistently shown their expertise within both Luxury and Travel."

Aman Resorts

Results to date

In the four years we have worked with Aman there have been a number of exciting challenges including the launch into Japan and China.

Some of our best results have been:


Overall increase in organic traffic since we started working on the site.


Overall increase in organic revenue for the same period.


Increase in top ten rankings with the USA in the last year.


Increase in top ten rankings within the UK in the last year.


Increase in revenue for China 2017 vs. 2018 and organic traffic has increased by 47% for the same period

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