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    Social   This week in digital saw Snapchat lose it’s monopoly on the teenage audience. As the platform haemorrhages a further two million users, we have to ask ourselves, is this the beginning of the end for Snapchat? Last week it was announced that Instagram had now officially overtaken Snapchat as the most popular platform for teenagers, which is a major blow for poor Snapchat. Instagram is going from strength to strength following

19 Oct 2018
Emily Fraser

Framer X – just another prototyping tool?   When I first heard about Framer X, I have to admit I was a little bit sceptical. With new prototyping tools coming out more frequently than I binge-watch Netflix, the perfect design process can differ massively from one agency to another. However, in most cases Adobe still continues to be the creative backbone to most projects.   What would make Framer X my hero   So, what

Yesterday, Google announced a number of big product changes at a press conference in the company’s home city of San Francisco. The shakeup, which is in honour of the company’s upcoming 20th anniversary, unveiled a ‘major update’ to the Google feed experience. The feed will now have expanded features in addition to a new name; Discover. Promising to be much more than simply a name change, Discover aims to be a bespoke feed which will enable

Google Ads Exact Match Update
21 Sep 2018
Henrike Overbeck

Google has announced a new update to Google Ads in which they are changing the meaning of exact match keywords and their close variants. Whilst the match type already matches keywords to close variants, this change will begin to include variations that share the same meaning, implied words and paraphrases instead of only the specific words. Google will use machine-based learning to match your current exact match keywords to additional search queries. How these changes

When you ask most organic search marketers what their primary objective is they’ll more than likely say a traffic increase year on year. A fair measurement of success. If we’re driving more traffic, we’re driving more customers, right? In digital marketing, and in particular organic search, our focus has always been on acquisition. We want to see the traffic number climbing, and when we do that‘s it; our box is ticked, our objective is met.

21 Jun 2018
Declan Kay

The design process is overflowing with a vast array of tools with varying capabilities and price tags. It can often be overwhelming with so much choice and it can be confusing when some tools claim to do various overlapping sections of the design process. Would it not be good if each of the key stages of the design process were defined once and for all? Well here it is…   Wireframes In the beginning of

World Cup 2018 Marketing Ideas
19 Jun 2018
Henrike Overbeck

It’s been just under a week since the FIFA World Cup in Russia has started, which according to GlobalWebIndex is watched by 47%, thus almost half of the world’s online population. And as football World Cups are regarded as the most watched sports events, the promising marketing possibilities arising from this huge audience are the reason why this year’s tournament is partly responsible for global spend on advertising forecasted to grow by 5.2% to $535bn