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The Team

Known for - Card sharp, trainer collector, proposition bets and being a proud Aberdonian.

Robin Richmond


Known for - Delegation skills, online shopping addiction and love of hot cross buns.

Lyndsay Menzies


Known for - Relating every conversation back to her home country Austria, baking and blogging.

Pam Reichhartinger-Lawlor

VP of Product

Known for - Quirky kilt collection, piloting skills, vodka luges and inappropriate interview questions.

Steve Leach


Known for - Hill exploring. Taking joy in finding the perfect gif. Having more than a small passion for wine.

Ailsa Duncan

Group Account Director

Known for - Dutch online shopping addict that appreciates a glass of fine wine.

Jesper Harbers

Data & Strategy Director

Known for - SEO data geek, enjoys a nice coffee and loves a question.

Michael Jarrett

Group Account Director

Known for - Has a zest for attaching things to her feet before throwing herself at mountains, ramps, ice etc.

Jess McDermott

Group Account Director

Known for - Gadgets, mad DIY skills, excessive height, cocktail shaking and a dab hand at SEO.

Paul Smail

Group Account Director

Known for - Cocktail making and cycling long distances. Taking joy in a deep data dive.

Hazel Attal

Paid Media Account Manager

Known for - Being lanky. Always hungry. VFX enthusiast and gaming addict

Sean Borrowman

Digital Designer

Known for - Part time Wind-Up Merchant, below average golfer, full time classic film lover.

Jack Brown

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Being raccoon obsessed, an amateur foodie and a collector of dusty, old cameras.

Katy Cairns

Digital Designer

Known for - Ticking off my bucket list, sourcing new restaurants to try and always looking for a challenge.

Emma Fraser

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Scouting new food spots, keen swimmer with a love for a good G&T.

Emily Geraghty

Senior Digital Designer

Known for - A love of camping, films shorter than 2 hours long and a good brunch

Nathalie Gordon

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Office lunchtime gym junkie, sports lover, single malt snob.

Sandy Halliday

Digital Account Director

Known for - Beer brewing, sourdough baking & occasionally geeking out to the latest SEO update.

Charlotte Hardy

Account Director

Known for - Questionable fashion choices, JD and coke, loves human names for dogs.

Sophie Hayes

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Love of coffee, horror movies, drawing and a chocolate addiction

Chris Hernandez

Digital Designer

Known for - Ukrainian lover of the sea, people, dogs, hiking, wine, and PPC

Dasha Horbenko

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Website development, site optimisation, data extraction and automation.

Masana Ikeshima

Development Director

Known for - Being passionate about football, Music, trekking and volunteering

Saurabh Jadhav

Digital Analyst

Known for - Fan of obscure words, Inane conversation enthusiast, NBA cognoscente.

Brodie Jones

Digital Marketing Executive

Known for - Craft beer expertise, love for 90s music, and being trilingual.

Maria Jover

Account Director

Known for - Spotting typos, sneaking rock on the Sonos and being distracted by dogs.

Donna Kean

Senior Digital Account Manager

Known for - Ever-changing hair colours, love for hip-hop, drawing and all things sweet.

Kirsty MacLauchlan

Design Director

Known for - Jack Daniels, running, movies, Celtic and pretending to be Italian.

Danny Mancini

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Tea drinking, pencil using, Kilmarnock supporter, dislike of rice, Bruce Springsteen fanatic.

Mark McGaw

Account Director

Known for - Being a foodie, loving dogs, all music except country & a good book.

Kim McGreish

Digital Account Manager

Known for - never having watched anything, always having a new hobby, and being the biggest fan of cats.

Gabriela Milanova

Senior Digital Account Manager

Known for - Being a German coffee-addict who's having breakfast at lunch time and loves a witty comment.

Henrike Overbeck

Senior Paid Media Manager

Known for - lover of gigs/live music, addicted to tea, loves beach walks in Fife

Jenny Payne

Account Director

Known for - exploring brunch spots in Edinburgh, enjoys a glass of red, staying up-to-date with the latest social media trends, and unwinding with a good book.

Cameron Powers

Digital Account Manager

Known for - love of photography, the outdoors and always being cold.

Manna Reid

Digital Account Manager

Known for - 80's music lover, avid traveller, non-fussy beer/wine drinker and always up to try something new

Alex Richardson

Digital Account Manager

Known for - being a lover of good music, food-obsessed, and running enough to balance the last one out.

Fraser Rowan

Paid Media Account Manager

Known for - to do lists, loves decaff Yorkshire tea and planning sunshine holidays

Claire Rutherford

Executive Assistant

Known for - Art lover, spice connoisseur, small tattoo enthusiast, and a crooked grin owner.

Sarah Samel

Digital Account Manager

Known for - making memes, loving cats, and always hopping on the next tik tok trend

Ellen Smith

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Known for loving coffee, the outdoors, and being good in the kitchen

Steven Stewart

Digital Account Manager

Known for - Love travelling, cricketer with interest in history!

Tayyub Yaqoob

Digital Analyst

Known for - Stealing face masks, doing the conga and office morale boosts.

Cody Kean

Digital Barketing Manager


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