10 Of The Best Instagram Hyperlapse Videos

Last week, Instagram announced its latest development – a new video app called Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse allows you to shoot time-lapse videos at the touch of a button. It’s easy to use, and has a simple interface. You record the video, and then speed it up to various degrees using a separate sliding button. The options range from 1x the speed, up to 12x the speed.

You can then upload the videos you make to Instagram and Facebook at the touch of yet one other button.

When Vine launched at the beginning of 2013, it allowed people to create videos in new ways. Instagram Hyperlapse has just done the same thing.

Brands need to get their thinking caps on about how best to use Instagram Hyperlapse. To help you out, there are some creative Hyperlapse videos already out there, and we’ve showcased ten of our favourites.

1. The Buffalo Commute

2. Helicopter Landing

3. Miami Take Off

4. New York Sunset

5. A Tour Of The White House

6. Toy Town Traffic

7. Rubix Cube

8. Escalators

9. Skateboarding In Yosemite

10. Flatiron, New York

Let us know if you’ve seen any great Instagram Hyperlapse videos by posting the link in the comments box below!

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