Case Study:
Yoplait Organic & Paid Social Campaign

Yoplait Organic & Paid Social Campaign - Background

Launching in the UK in 1991, Yoplait has flourished and now produces over 67,000 tonnes of yogurt, fresh cheese, and dairy desserts for the UK market every year. Yoplait brands available in the UK include Petits Filous, Frubes, Wildlife and Liberte yogurts.

In 2021 Petits Filous and Frubes partnered with Team GB to help inspire the next generation of British athletes. Having just launched their social channels in June 2021, these two iconic brands needed help in leveraging this Olympic partnership and maximising the reach of their social content within a narrow time frame.

What we do for them?

  • Launched the Petits Filous Instagram and Twitter Accounts and the Frubes Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Created monthly content calendars and social media assets to help support the brand partnership with Team GB during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
  • Developed bespoke AR filters championing both the Frubes and Petits Filous products as well as incorporating elements of the Team GB athlete ambassadors.
  • Created a paid social activation plan to both support follower growth and boost organic social content.
  • Launched the Yoplait TikTok channel and Reels for both Petits Filous and Frubes.

Results to date

Some of our best results have been:


Grew total social audiences (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), across both Petits Filous and Frubes social accounts, by 37% in a three month period.


Increased impressions across both brands’ social networks by 248%


Using micro-investment, our boosted organic content saw a considerable improvement across both brands: Petits Filous: Impressions: 86% uplift, Reach: 86% uplift, Engagement: 94% uplift, Frubes: Impressions: 94% uplift, Reach: 94% uplift, and, Engagement: 97% uplift

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