12 Digital Tips Of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! With our Christmas Jumper Showcase now wrapped up, and all our presents unwrapped, we thought we’d help you prepare for 2014 with a few Digital Marketing tips.

For each of the twelve days of Christmas we’ll be giving you a useful digital tip to improve your performance and productivity for the road ahead. Head back to this post everyday for a new tip, or keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ feeds for each one.

All the best for 2014!

On the first day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

Another tool for tracking trends and sentiment. As you’ll see from our Keyword Storyboard, we’re keen on keeping one eye on trending news and topics. Another great tool to use for this is Veooz.com.

veooz trending topics

On the second day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

An insight into Twitter Analytics. Keep an eye on your Twitter analytics, and how well each of your tweets performs, including which links get the most clicks.

Twitter Data Tip

On the third day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A way to show your Instagram photos in your Twitter feed! We came up with a IFTTT recipe to turn your Instagram links back into photos, and get a better click through rate on your tweets.


On the fourth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A nice way of checking redirections. For SEO, it’s always important to consider how your website is redirecting between pages. We found this cool little Chrome extension which makes checking redirects very easy.

Chrome Redirect Tool Extension

On the fifth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A clever tool to help schedule your Google+ posts. Scheduling posts for Facebook and Twitter (through Tweetdeck) is simple to set up. Not so for Google+. Thankfully, with the help of Mark Traphagen, we’ve found a way to help schedule your posts so you can spend more time mopping up the leftover food and alcohol after Christmas and New Year.

Do Share - Schedule Google+ Posts

On the sixth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A Greasemonkey! Well, three different Greasemonkey scripts to really get the best of of your Google searches anyway. We love the NoCrap Google Search Bar!

NoCrap Search Bar - Greasemonkey script

On the seventh day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A great way of measuring the web! Similarweb.com shows estimated traffic, visitors by geography and search traffic for any site. Have a play – it’s a very useful resource!

Similar Web Pic

On the eighth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A way to clean up your Facebook posts! Whenever you post a link to Facebook, you have the option to edit both the title of the link post and the description. It’s not immediately obvious, but if you hover over either the title or the description of the link content, it turns yellow. Click once and nothing happens. Click the yellow content twice, and the text or title will turn into an editable text area, allowing you to change the title and description to whatever you want :). Simply click outside the editable text area to see the result.

Facebook Editing Tip

On the ninth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me..

A Twitter statistic! Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher at the weekend, even though only 19% of brands tweet at the weekend.

Tweet at weekends - statistic

On the tenth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me..

A lesson in optimising videos! We provided a complete guide to optimising videos in a previous post “8MS guide to video optimisation for SEO”, but thought we’d highlight one here too. If you’re uploading a video that has speech included, YouTube will automatically create a video transcript for accessibility purposes…but it’s not always accurate. YouTube allows you to correct the captions in the transcript, which provides a great opportunity to use those all important keywords.

YouTube transcript - optimising videos tip

On the eleventh day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A way to monetize your Pinterest! If you are a brand providing great products, you are more than likely to find pictures of them sitting on Pinterest. Don’t let that sharing go to waste. If you use Pinterest, make sure you use the Product Rich Pinwhich takes price and stock data and feeds it directly into Pinterest.

ASOS are using Rich Pins with Pinterest

On the twelfth day of Christmas, 8MS gave to me…

A push to use reviews and ratings on Google! With the growth of importance of Google+, coupled with the new Google Maps layout, user reviews and photos of your products or services are more important than ever. We mentioned in our white paper that a few retailers are starting to use data markup, but other sectors aren’t following suit. Use reviews to your advantage!

Reviews and ratings - Google Maps

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