Whatever your opinion of the often outrageous and always unpredictable 2016 United States presidential race, one thing is certain: political campaigning looks significantly different than it did since even the last election, just four years ago. And digital media is shaping that change. Traditionally, votes were won through television ads and newspaper coverage in homes across America. Now, with the reach of traditional media ever-diminishing, candidates have to look to newer, digital mediums to communicate

04 May 2016
Michael Jarrett

Working with bloggers Whether you’re looking to improve your social following, rankings, brand awareness or gain trustworthy and reliable testimonials, working with bloggers can be a cost-effective way of meeting your objective. Bloggers and vloggers have become an integral part of marketing strategies for many brands, both big and small, because they give brands direct access to their target market at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. Their personal recommendation of your

The UK e-commerce industry has changed dramatically over the last six years. As well as traditional bricks and mortar stores overcoming the recession in 2008/2009, the same period saw an introduction of a swathe of pure online retailers, which sparked a rise in the volume of online purchases. Fast forward to 2015, and ecommerce in the UK is booming. Sales continue to increase for brands such as ASOS, Missguided and Farfetch, showing there is no

When it comes to mobile browsing, it should always be about the user experience. More and more people are consuming content on mobile devices, making it imperative that brands and businesses either have a responsive site, or a site that is optimised for mobile devices. On 19th November, Google announced that is was introducing new ‘mobile-friendly’ labels into the mobile search engine results pages (SERPs) to indicate which sites are optimised and designed for mobile

Ever since the mass Google country specific redirects back in 2008, users in the UK search and receive results from Google.co.uk by default. Whilst that makes perfect sense, there is one feature that UK users miss out on by not using Google.com. Search Plus Your World. When Search Plus Your World was announced by Google back in January 2012, the search world sat up and took notice. Search Plus Your World was meant to be

Last week Google celebrated its 15th birthday the only way a business founded on a famous formula should, by announcing a revised version. The formula I’m referring to of course is Google’s famous algorithm, which has just had a major update named after one of the worlds smallest birds, the Hummingbird. Why name a significant business update after this little winged creature? Well, Google felt it summarised exactly what this update meant for the future

After months of speculation Google finally announced a new search result segment: In depth articles. Right now this segment is only live on Google.com for English results. However, if Google sees a positive engagement from users expect to see these in the UK and other English versions of Google (such as Google.com.au and Google.ca) very quickly. This is a significant development for online content providers to gain greater search exposure; it means publisher content can now