Brand identity is arguably one of the most crucial components to a brand. Think Airbnb, McDonald’s, Coca Cola or Lush, one thing these brands all have in common? A strong brand identity. In life, first impressions mean everything. When it comes to brands, customers will judge you in less than a second – this means you need to pull them in as soon as they set eyes on your website, social media or advertising campaigns.

31 Jul 2014

The last few years has seen some big changes in the way musicians promote their music. In previous years it has been the job of the musician to write and perform music and it has been the job of the agent or record label to take care of the musician’s role in the media. However, more recently the role of the musician has evolved and we are seeing artists taking a lot more control and

It’s that time of year again. When digital marketers get to ogle the creativity of the big ad agencies, taking ideas, tips and learnings from the Festival Of Creativity back to their office to try and weave the applicable ideas into client campaigns. Cannes Lions 2014 drew to a close last week, and as we look back through the mirage of creative content thrown at us, one themed seem to ring around the festival more

We All Have Stories To Tell
25 Apr 2013
Pam Reichhartinger-Lawlor

Content marketing is high on digital marketers’ agendas, and content marketing strategies form an important part of what we do here at 8MS. However content creation is not always easy for companies as resources are often limited and projects require the collaboration of many different teams. If content creation is difficult, content curation and repurposing techniques can come to the rescue. Existing content can be presented in a new format, thereby adding value for the