Batten down the hatches. It’s a little over one month until Christmas, and it’s time to make those final last touches to your digital marketing campaigns. Your online sales are probably picking up nicely, but how do you know you’re ready for the final four week push? We’ve put together a list of hints and tips to make sure your SEO, Paid Search and Social Media strategies are all set for the 2013 festive season. Many

How well do you know your social networks? It’s great pub quiz question – ‘Name the ten biggest social media networks in the world‘. I doubt many would get the answer correct. We’ve scrambled together some stats and data from all over the internet to bring you the answer, and as a special treat we’ve visualised all the information in a lovely infographic. The results are based on active users. For an interactive version, please

Last week, Facebook declared it was going to follow Twitter and introduce verified pages and profiles for high profile brands, celebrities and public figures. With any Facebook change, big or small, there generally follows a swathe of discontent. But it’s not all bad news. Verification was a good move for Twitter, so in the long run I think it will also benefit brands on Facebook. Here’s our highs and lows overview of Facebook’s latest change.

Lawson Clarke - Personal Brand
29 May 2013
Simon Heyes

I’ve said for a long time that Twitter is an egotistical social platform. Facebook has turned into ‘success theatre’, with friends choreographing themselves, sharing their best ‘selfies’ to the screen. Or their worst. Depending on how they want to be portrayed. We’re all selling ourselves. Like it or not, Social Media is human, and behind every human is a brand. It’s all about me and myself. What you post online is a reflection of yourself,

Over the last 72 hours we may have potentially witnessed 2013s biggest sporting event – the retirement of arguably the greatest football club manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. On Tuesday evening the Internet started to buzz about the possibility of Sir Alex stepping down from the helm at Manchester United. Over the proceeding 72 hours, the football world witnessed a series of different twists and turns, and it was all captured beautifully across